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Blending it’s not an option…

Your Rights as a Consumer…

As a consumer of automotive collision repair, you have a number of rights which, if exercised, could better ensure that your vehicle will be repaired in a proper, complete and safe manner. Consider the following.

Choice of Repair Facility…

Choosing the body shop where your vehicle will be repaired is an important decision, and in most cases, you have the right to make that decision. Not all shops are alike, however, when it comes to having properly trained technicians and the equipment and facilities needed to fix your vehicle right, so making a well informed choice is key.

Your insurance company may suggest you use one of its “direct-repair facilities” (DRP)—these are shops with which the insurer has a contractual agreement, including both dealership and local independent shops. If you don’t already have a favorite body shop in mind, this may be a good choice.

Family and friends who have gone through the repair process also can be a great source of advice, and don’t forget about your dealership—it may have its own body shop, but if it doesn’t, it can likely offer a list of reputable shops in the area.

Remember, the body shop is fixing YOUR vehicle for YOU, and it’s important you’re comfortable with the shop you choose. If you’re making an insurance claim, your insurer pays the bill, but most states prohibit the insurer from requiring you use a particular shop—that means, ultimately, no matter what you hear, the body shop is

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